Personal Training Prices

12-week start-up period, can be extended monthly thereafter. No hidden costs.

1-on-1 Personal Training

Personal training rates start from €440 per month.

2-on-1 Personal Training

Semi Private Personal Training can be booked from €300 per person per month.

You can choose between 1x, 2x or 3x training per week. The rate is adjusted depending on which training frequency is right for you.
You can find more information about personal training in the FAQ.

Included in the personal training:

  • Individual 1-on-1 personal training
  • Anamnesis and objectives
  • Training program creation & training planning
  • Regular skinfold measurement/body analysis
  • Personal nutritional advice and supplement recommendations
  • Towel service and filtered water during training
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Prices Coaching

Independent training at your gym

Included in the coaching:

  • Anamnesis and objectives

  • Training program creation

  • Skin fold measurement/body analysis

  • Nutrition counseling

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Provision of training plans via the training app

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The rate for the coaching program is 150€ per phase.

One phase lasts 3-4 weeks, depending on the training frequency.
The minimum duration is 4 phases (12-16 weeks).

The personal coaching program is an offer for trainers with correspondingly advanced strength training experience who carry out their training independently in the gym.

The coaching program offers you regular appointments, every three to four weeks, on site or online if required.

Initial check up

99€ one-time
(prerequisite for all services)

✓   Health questionnaire / medical history
✓   Skin fold measurement
✓   Body analysis
✓   Mobility tests/functional tests
✓   Objectives and strategy discussion

Your personal training schedule

Initial check up

At this first appointment, we will go through a health/anamnesis questionnaire together, do the individual skin fold measurement/body analysis and determine your goals and how you can best achieve them. We also carry out various mobility and muscle function tests in order to create a suitable and efficient training program for you. Based on this, we determine how regularly we train together and what budget is right for you.

Personal Training inkl. Nutrition counseling

In addition to the joint personal training sessions, you will be supported and coached by me in all areas relevant to you. This includes training planning and frequency, nutrition, your recovery/sleep and many other factors that will have a positive effect on your progress.

Check-up appointments

Your regular check-up including The skin fold measurement/body analysis is carried out approx. every 4 weeks, depending on the frequency of training. You will receive a new training plan as well as new input for your motivation to continue making progress and achieving a sense of achievement.


Personal training takes place in our well-equipped training studio. With the equipment available, we can get the best out of you with targeted one-to-one training and individual support.


Depending on how long or how often you need my support on the way to your goal, you can book additional personal training sessions after the start period if you wish. As a further follow-up, you also have the opportunity to switch to the coaching program so that you can stay on the road to success in the long term.