YPSI skin fold measurement in Stuttgart


Skin fold measurement – Body analysis

The YPSI skin fold measurement describes the connection between hormonal balance, genetics, health and body fat distribution.

In short, it describes what it looks like in your body. The worldwide known Strenght & Atheltic Coach Charles Poliquin developed this type of skin fold measurement many years ago. It is based on the fact that body fat distribution is hormonally determined. In this method, 13 different skin folds are measured with the caliper (a measuring clamp that measures to an accuracy of 0.1 mm). Depending on which skin fold is measured, if the value is not optimal, this indicates a problem in your hormone balance. The hormone balance is integrated so that each hormone is connected to the others.

Based on the YPSI skin fold measurement, the fastest way to achieve lasting success is to adjust your diet, take targeted dietary supplements, exercise and optimize your sleep patterns.