Your Personal Trainer
in Stuttgart

Michael Barth
Personal Trainer and Sports Scientist B.A.

Sport and exercise have played an important role in my life from an early age. Even at a young age, I was able to gain experience that had a positive influence on my sporting and personal development. As a former competitive athlete, I learned early on how important it is to work together as a team, because it was all the easier to achieve the goals set with support and “team play”.

Even while studying sports science, I worked as a personal trainer with people and athletes from a wide variety of fields.

As a balanced and healthy diet plays an elementary role alongside exercise and sport, I support you as a nutritionist not only during training, but also holistically alongside training.

Furthermore, companies such as Robert Bosch, the Steigenberger Hotel Graf Zeppelin, the TUI Store and other companies in Stuttgart and the surrounding area have already benefited from my expertise as a speaker.

Sport and training, determination and ambition, perseverance and consistency, but above all the fun and passion for exercise and sport are attributes that are still part of my philosophy of success today.


  • Sports scientist (University of Stuttgart)
  • YPSI Trainer A-License
  • Nutritionist (licensed)
  • KILO Strength Online Programm Design Course
  • KILO Strength Online Periodization Course
  • MNTS Advanced rehabilitation and analysis
  • MNTS Program Design & Periodization
  • MNTS Methods Advanced
  • MNTS Exercise Progressions & Executions
  • MNTS Nutrition & Micronutrients
  • MNTS Webinar Energy Systems Training
  • Coaching by Marius Nydegger, Continuum Strength and Health
  • Fascial stretching & massage techniques Katharina Unsöld
  • YPSI Before and After Bootcamp Seminar
  • YPSI Functional anatomy and exercise execution
  • YPSI Programm Design
  • YPSI nutrition seminar – nervous system, hormone balance & nutrients
  • YPSI movement analysis & injury prevention/rehabilitation
  • YPSI Sports Specific Training & Business
  • YPSI FAT Tool Seminar with Dr.Peter Lundgren
  • YPSI Advanced Supplementation Seminar
  • YPSI Weightlifting Workshop
  • Athlete Support Manager (DAASM)
  • Myofascial Compression Techniques Certified
  • CrossCore Master Instructor
  • TRX Instructor
  • SCTC Applied Testing Certified
  • Polar Ownzone Guide

Your personal training schedule

Initial check-up

At this first appointment, we will go through a health/anamnesis questionnaire together, do the individual skin fold measurement/body analysis and determine your goals and how you can best achieve them. We also carry out various mobility and muscle function tests in order to create a suitable and efficient training program for you. Based on this, we determine how regularly we train together and what budget is right for you.


In addition to the joint personal training sessions, you will be supported and coached by me in all areas relevant to you. This includes training planning and frequency, nutrition, your recovery/sleep and many other factors that will have a positive effect on your progress.

Check-up appointments

Your regular check-up including the skin fold measurement/body analysis is carried out every 3-4 weeks, depending on the frequency of training. You will receive a new training plan as well as new input for your motivation to continue making progress and achieving a sense of achievement.


Personal training takes place in our well-equipped training studio. With the equipment available, we can get the best out of you with targeted one-to-one training and individual support.


Depending on how long or how often you need my support on the way to your goal, you can book additional personal training sessions after the start period if you wish. As a further follow-up, you also have the option of switching to the coaching program to ensure that you stay on track for long-term and sustainable success.

The Gym

A complete gym just for you.

Exclusive for personal training

No long waits for free equipment in a crowded gym. Here you always train under optimal conditions and not as it is currently possible.

Quality in every training session

Highly qualified support from a professional personal trainer and sports scientist in every single training session. Progress guaranteed!

Well-equipped training studio

At the personal training studio, we work with complete, high-quality training equipment that is designed to get you to your goal without any detours.

Motivating atmosphere

You train in an environment that motivates you and spurs you on to top performance.

Take a virtual tour of the studio: