Personal Training – Before & After Interview Patrick

Tell us a little about yourself and your everyday life:
I’ve always been very active in sport since I was young (ice hockey, soccer, weight training).
Due to my job as managing partner, my everyday life is characterized by 100% clocking through. From getting up between 5 and 6 a.m. until 9 p.m., when it’s time to go to bed. A lot of traveling to different cities or even countries, many meetings and appointments as well as several places of residence are part of it. 60 hours + per week is standard here. In addition to work, fitness training is firmly scheduled in the calendar like other appointments (4-6 times a week, depending on the phase).

What motivated you to start the fitness program and see it through?
I know Michael from my time in Stuttgart and am aware of his training successes. I was able to accompany his personal and professional development, so that from the very beginning he was always able to inspire me with new training techniques, supplements and other improvements for everyday life and fitness training.
The Before & After Personal Training was Michael’s idea. At the beginning of this year, when a shoot was scheduled for June, we said that we would take that as an opportunity. Overall, the success of Michael’s B&A program speaks for itself: more lean mass, less fat, better energy levels – simply performance optimization.

What sport(s) did you do before the personal training program?
Ice hockey and soccer, as well as fitness/strength training.

How did your sleep change during the program?
A lot better. Overall, my awareness of the importance of sleep has improved, as has sleep itself. My workload in particular has made me realize how important sleep is – I always aim for 8 hours and usually stick to it. The energy level was always increasing.

What were the biggest changes you noticed during the program?
Better sleep, higher energy levels, increasing body weight, necessary new clothes – overall a gain in self-confidence. My eating habits, which have always been good for me, had to be optimized even further.

What was the biggest change for you?
It depends on the phase: To put on kilos, I had to get used to eating a lot of protein. I also had to learn to incorporate snacks into my daily routine every 3 hours. Now I can’t go 2.5 hours without eating something. So no problem here.

What is your favorite breakfast?
I think eggs with tomatoes/spring onions/mushrooms is my classic. It feels like I must have eaten 1,000,000 eggs by now. But there’s nothing wrong with beef for breakfast either ?

How often and for how long did you train each week?
Depending on the phase, 4-5 times strength training + HIIT after training if necessary. The training lasted 1 hour.

What is your favorite fitness exercise?
Dumbell bench press and deadlift!

How often have you done endurance training to lose fat?
Endurance never in classic cardio training.

HIIT as mentioned above 15 minutes after getting up or after breakfast and 15 minutes after strength training – only in the definition phase.

What feedback have you received from those around you about the change in recent weeks/months?
The personal training has consistently elicited positive feedback: increasing your body weight from 75 to almost 95 kg in a relatively healthy way really changes your appearance and demeanor. Then the definition back to 85 kg is also not wrong in summer. ?

What’s next for you with personal training?
According to Michael’s plan, we are currently maintaining the weight over the summer. In the fall, it will be packed on again.
After the photo shoot with the corresponding competition preparation (drainage week), I’ve tasted blood and am thinking of possibly taking part in a competition next year.
In any case: more muscle mass, less body fat is always the goal. I think with Michael’s help and the personal training program it is possible to combine these goals with a “nice life”, a few Ben and Jerry’s in the evening work wonders! ?